It’s “Who Has it Worse?” time!
Geoffrey or Sally?

It’s “Who Has it Worse?” time!

Geoffrey or Sally?

  1. yoshizilla-rhedosaurus answered: Honestly, it looks like Dixie Kong.
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  3. xartistic-reblogsx answered: Geoffrey, because A) he doesn’t seem to have a torso or hands, and B) Because he’s floating in mid air.
  4. chelitomendoza answered: Geoffrey penetrated deep Sally.
  5. jomasterii answered: Both
  6. hanajima-uchiha answered: Sally! Took a while to actually see she was in that mess!
  7. hejji answered: Geoffrey :o sally at least seems to have an intact body. Geoff’s an arm, a head, and a tail. OR PERHAPS THEY ARE A 2-HEADED BEAST !!!!!
  8. poketmon-trainer-blue answered: Sally, at least you can kinda tell where Geoffrey is.
  9. maverickjaku answered: I didn’t realize who/what it was till you pointed it out xD Geoffrey, probably
  10. carpacciopropaganda answered: I can’t even tell what I’m looking at here.
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  12. game-facts-for-the-fans answered: Sally
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    They both look morphed into a big giant mess!
  14. bikutini-chan answered: Both.
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